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new songs


thanks to watching japanese movies, several songs have found their way into my playlist.

from railways (2010) – matsutoya yumi


from shodo girls! – tegami by angela aki


from bandage

compass by happys


bandage by LANDS (couldn’t find a long version of it tho)


from softboys



enter the dragon year


ah, it’s the lunar new year once more. the time for tikoy, ang pao, and watching those lovely lion and dragon dances. and because for the nth time i cannot celebrate the lunar new year the way i hoped i would, i’d post a few of my favorite chinese songs instead. not exactly sure which song is in mandarin, cantonese or hokkien (except when indicated) as i don’t speak chinese, but i do love the melodies of these songs. 🙂

before hitting those play buttons on the videos, let me just say

gong xi fa cai!

kiong hee huat tsai!

kung hei fat choi!




defying gravity


hi, people! misstranger here. i’m one of the four funny friends who own this blog and i go by different names when i feel like it. ;p this is my first post. 🙂

the song defying gravity from wicked the musical brings me back to 2008, a time when i was starting out on a new venture in life (read: new career). i’ve been at my new job for almost a year when i first heard this song (december ’08). been starting to have some realizations in life and upon hearing the song, i decided that i would try defying gravity myself from then on. 

my favourite line from the song is this:

so if you care to find me, look to the western sky!
as someone told me lately
everyone deserves the chance to fly!

yes, everyone does deserve a chance to fly, to shine in what they do best. 🙂

anyway, i won’t wax sentimental anymore. just hit play and enjoy!