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Driving Lessons


I am learning how to drive.  Following the advice of my family, I enrolled in a Manual transmission driving course.

The first few days, I was struggling with the pedals, especially the clutch. Good thing my regular driving instructor was motivational (after a few chats, I learned he worked as a basketball coach before). He instructed and helped me manage the pedals well enough.

Last week, my instructor decided I was ready for EDSA. I said “Ok, let’s go”. My lessons were from 8am-10am, so I had to deal with EDSA traffic. Boy, was I tensed having a truck in front of me! Traffic was slow moving, and for those manual drivers, you know that it takes pedal control to cruise through traffic. A taxi who changed lane and overtook me was a savior, so I did not have to deal with the truck. Yes, I survived and my instructor gave me a pat at the back.

Slowly, I think I am getting better at driving, with a lot of realizations on driving such as:

1) Perfect the basics – In this day and age, we want it fast. But some things just can’t be rushed, I needs to be learned.

2) Don’t panic, don’t rush – I had to restart the engine a few times when I rushed because I was afraid I being too slow. But it caused me more time. I just needed to do the right thing the way I knew how, not minding anything else.

3) Learn your limits – When driving in reverse or on a side street, it’s best to cruise slowly. On a highway, speed is required. Learn what is needed on different situations.

4) When in doubt, ask – Self-explanatory.

Lastly, in any endeavor, practice is the key to excellence. Now, if I just have the money to buy that car.