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I Miss “Got To Believe”


It has been a week since the TV series “Got to Believe” ended.

It was one of those shows that was light-hearted, funny, and loveable. One where after every episode, you catch yourself smiling.

I was meaning to write about it, but did not find the time. So here it is, though late, here are the reasons I found the series endearing.

1) The great cast. Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo are certainly getting better in acting, and they have this rare ability to be funny without much trying. Add to that their great chemistry. Supporting casts are all great especially Manilyn Reynes and Benjie Paras (who has great comedic timing). Up to the teens of Malaya University, the house helpers, Beverly Salviejo and the woman who played Ethel. It was like an orchestra where every role was well played.

2) Great director, writers, and crew. Of course a great cast is useless if the story was not good, so hats off to the writers. Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina, a blockbuster director, brought out the best in the cast and made sure every night had a kilig moment.

3) It had a fun family. The “perya” family was fun, and I think every person wanted that kind of bonded, fun, family. That is why Joaquin loved Chichay more, because of her fun, united family. And in many ways, Filipino families have so much laughter together that is why everyone can relate.

4) The setting was relatable. Joaquin came out of his shell when he went to university. Malaya University, the name itself represented freedom. University life for many was a time of self-discovery, of exploration, of falling in love.

5) Each character represented us or someone we knew.

  • Chichay is the girl who loves her family, who will fight for love, is passionate and expressive. Painting is her form of self-expression and she does it well. It is what she does best.
  • Joaquin is the lost boy with an unhappy family, sheltered. But once he got his chance to be free, he became courageous and was ready to stand for what is right and true.
  • Betchay was the girl who sacrificed a lot, gave it her all, but lost love. But because she was loveable and kind, she found true love again.
  • Chito represented a second chance at love, which was true and lasting. He was a great father, who kept a secret to protect his family.
  • Lolo Isko was the ideal grandfather, full of wisdom, a loving grandfather who made us all believe in magic.
  • Tatay Poro and Nanay Puring were the surrogate parents who taught Joaquin things his parents should have taught him, and loved him like he was their own son.
  • Juliana was the woman who felt unloved by his father, and was guilty of something (her brother’s accident and her accidental shooting of her son). Due to her guilt, she was unable to forgive herself and was also angry at others leading to so much hatred.
  • The Zaragosa family was the kind and rich folks who knew how to have fun and mingle with all kinds of people.
  • Dominic, Patricia, Pedro and Alex represented young, unrequited love.
  • The mean girls represented the gossipers around us.

6) It made us believe in love again. It made us remember how magical love is, that wounds heal, that love is good.

Like all those who watched the show, I hope there will be a Part 2 (or book 3), or even a movie.


Musings of a New Migrant


It’s my second month in a new country. It was my dream to go here since childhood, as I have heard good things about it from my relatives who migrated here. Clean surroundings, good benefits. Yes it’s all true. But it’s not all there is.

First, why I am here? Like everyone else, I dream of a better future. It’s not just for me but I am thinking of helping my relatives go here if I become a citizen. I am also thinking about the future of my kids, if and when I have them. I am currently single but taken. I left my heart at my home country and as of this moment, I am in a long distance relationship. That’s the one thing that truly pains my heart, to be away from the one I love. But we are both hoping and praying that we will be together again. His profession is also one that is in-demand in the country where I am in now.

My first few weeks was a breeze. I was living the dream! I now live with my relatives who told good things about this country. And now I can really see that they are reaping the rewards – they have a nice house, cars, and their kids studied here so they have good jobs too.

I started applying for jobs. I went for an interview with the recruiter, but oh, the rules here are so different. I am not in demand as I was in my home country.

Yes, this is the reality of being a migrant. I am in a different world. Now, my biggest dilemma is finding a job. My faith is being tested. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions – being homesick, sad, anxious, afraid.

But God never leaves us. He sends us people. My friend who is in another country is not a migrant, she is on work visa. She reminded me that I won half the battle, I am here, I got a legitimate visa to work, something others only dream about.

I also got people to cheer me up – people who grew up here who belongs to the same organization. They are citizens here but we have the same cultural roots.

I met a woman on the train who told me of how she started out, not also in her field but is now enjoying her work and she is attending trainings to enhance her skills. She said “Wherever you are, you can progress. It is up to you to make the move.” Such wisdom and eye-opener.

I also met a classmate who told his struggles on finding himself after their family migrated. But he said, after all the struggles, all in all he is happy that their parents decided to migrate, as they now live a more comfortable life. And when his mom got sick, the government also took care of the medical bills – something that our home country cannot provide.

Of course, I am truly grateful that my relatives here are very good people who provide my basic needs. I don’t know how to repay them really. But hopefully in time, I can pay it back (and pay it forward to others) in any way.

So after hearing these stories, I am inspired to move forward in job hunting. There are still fears, uncertainties. But whether I succeed here or not, the lessons I am learning about myself are priceless.




a: don’t you hate it when people cut you off while you’re saying some—

b: oh hey look, it’s a crab! 


 more frustrating

a: as i was saying, sometimes i get the feeling that people get bored with the stories i tell them. i mean, really. what’s wrong in sharing that i’ve found some cool tiles for my new floor?

b: a, i heard there’s a weekend sale in robinson’s. we should go!


most frustrating

a: you know what? there’s someone i know who i thought i really knew, but then i found out that i didn’t really know that person really well and it just bums me out because i thought that we had a connection, i thought that i had finally found someone to talk to, who would listen to me as i have listened to countless of others tell me their sob stories but unfortunately that’s not the case because i realized that the person is not interested in what i have to say or needed to…

b: *staring dreamily into space*


b: sorry, what? 

sigh. oh well.

Winning is Bouncing Back


This year, I have been watching more sports events in television.  I was mostly rooting for the underdog.  Though the winners may not be my bet, I learned a valuable lesson through them, and that is: Winning is about bouncing back after you lost.

Image from CBS Sports
BASKETBALL – NBA 2012 Champions: The Miami Heat

I was really rooting for the Oklahoma Thunders because they were outstanding in the semis, as they beat previous champions like LA Lakers and San Antonio Spurs.  Players like Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook and James Harden played really well.

During the finals, the Thunders won Game 1 but the rest where won by the Miami Heat. Miami Heat also were contenders in the 2011 Championships but they lost to Dallas Mavericks. But they made sure, the 2012 crown would be theirs. Le Bron James particularly played well during the 2012 finals series.

image from BBC

SWIMMING – Michael Phelps

Mr. Phelps was the golden boy in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He had some drug issues after that, but good thing he got back in shape to compete again. In the 2012 London Olympics, all eyes were naturally on him. Though he disappointed himself and many by winning a silver in the 200-meter butterfly, he was able to redeem his glory, including his team by winning gold medals in the men’s 4×100 medley relay. In total, he won four gold and two silver medals in his last Olympics.

image from DailyMail UK

TENNIS – Roger Federer and Andy Murray

During the Wimbledon men’s finals, I was rooting for the underdog again, in the persona of Andy Murray. He really did his best to reach the finals, so as to make history for Brits (the last Brit to reach the Wimbledon men’s singles final was Bunny Austin in 1938). He wanted to make another history by winning it. However, Roger Federer was too strong an opponent. I saw how good Federer was, his serves were superb. I learned that for some time, he had not won the Wimbledon for two years (his last was 2009). But like the true champion that he is, he delivered again this time.

Andy Murray, for his part, got back on his feet for the Olympics. He again battled with Federer for the men’s tennis Olympic gold, and this time he won!

Sports brings us much stories of hope and truimph. As in sports, in life we should also bounce back from ashes of defeat, marching onwards to winning til the end!

Globalization, An Evolution of Imperialism


This is a reflection on the book, “Empire” by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri.

From the material, one can gather that the idea of globalization serves as precedent to the conceptions of  an ‘empire’.

Etymologically speaking, the word empire is a derivative of imperialism, the act of one country or state expanding its power over another state or other states by use of means such as military force or civil negotiations that nevertheless subjects the country being pursued for conquest.

Historically speaking, however, imperialism or empire has evolved in definition. The concept of imperialism is most associated to the Roman Empire, a time when the Romans possessed great subjugation of many parts of the world. The aspiration, mainly, was the furthest extension of their sovereignty or rule over peoples and their terrain, thus proving their strength and power.


A depiction of the Roman conquest

Before I attempt to define empire as I understand from the book, first it is important to point out what I mentioned as its precedent, globalization. Globalization, first and foremost, is an infiltration of culture. This permeation of culture is the very heart of interdependence. We become interdependent, first, through interpersonal relations. By interaction with individuals originating from places divergent to one’s own understanding of others’ beliefs, ideas, and manners is spawned. As people are assimilated to varying cultures, understanding of one another makes people connected. Humanity is joined by this ability to relate to diverse people, thus the ability to understand others’ environment and background.


The overlaps that make globalization

Through this understanding or ability to relate, it makes possible collaboration. Collaboration is vital in making feasible economic and political integration. When people are able to work together, many things are made possible. Globalization would not be a reality apart from this synergy.

Hence, globalization births empire. Empire now are the overlaps and expansion that comes from the fusion of a state’s politics and economy. The dominion is boundless. The aspiration of making the world one is not always a deliberate or purposeful act. Globalization makes it inevitable. On the other hand, supranational powers such as the United Nations, World Bank, and IMF, among others, allows furtherance of its reality.



One can realize then that whereas with the imperialism of ancient times, there is one ruling state; in today’s imperialism, however, the presence of one ruling power is absent. Instead there are several major powers, e.g. US, China, UK, France, that brings principal influence. This is a personal view though, although it is true that international organizations advances globalization, too, through their cooperation with these superpowers.

The dissonance would come from the empire’s inability to define and delimit borders. For Hardt and Negri, there must be a proselytizing of the empire for reasons that it brings injustice and inequality. Superpowers and IOs would allow policy formulation that may not be vested in the interest of the people, but in the continuance of certain powers’ supremacy.

More than anything, the insight this reading bestows is the understanding of how the conquest ability and strategy of countries have evolved from the time of the Roman Empire to present day. Before, it may have been one country aiming to seize sovereignty from countries. Now, it is several super powers – countries and IOs – cooperating to maintain their own.



just some quotes from my favourite tv shows:

castle: how do you know when you’re in love?

beckett: all the songs make sense.


stabler: how the hell did that happen?

benson: maybe God remembered how cute you were as a carrot.


booth: i have something that i want to tell you. inside my heart.

bones: blood is in there.


piper: i can’t believe we got arrested for kidnapping ourselves.

prue: well it makes up for a pretty good defense.

piper: you think this is funny? prue, we’re not just stuck in jail, we’re stuck in the past!


prue: are you out of your mind–again?!

phoebe: no, i’m the amazing phoebe!