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a: don’t you hate it when people cut you off while you’re saying some—

b: oh hey look, it’s a crab! 


 more frustrating

a: as i was saying, sometimes i get the feeling that people get bored with the stories i tell them. i mean, really. what’s wrong in sharing that i’ve found some cool tiles for my new floor?

b: a, i heard there’s a weekend sale in robinson’s. we should go!


most frustrating

a: you know what? there’s someone i know who i thought i really knew, but then i found out that i didn’t really know that person really well and it just bums me out because i thought that we had a connection, i thought that i had finally found someone to talk to, who would listen to me as i have listened to countless of others tell me their sob stories but unfortunately that’s not the case because i realized that the person is not interested in what i have to say or needed to…

b: *staring dreamily into space*


b: sorry, what? 

sigh. oh well.



just some quotes from my favourite tv shows:

castle: how do you know when you’re in love?

beckett: all the songs make sense.


stabler: how the hell did that happen?

benson: maybe God remembered how cute you were as a carrot.


booth: i have something that i want to tell you. inside my heart.

bones: blood is in there.


piper: i can’t believe we got arrested for kidnapping ourselves.

prue: well it makes up for a pretty good defense.

piper: you think this is funny? prue, we’re not just stuck in jail, we’re stuck in the past!


prue: are you out of your mind–again?!

phoebe: no, i’m the amazing phoebe!



after weeks of sleepless nights in preparation for my new class, my brain is officially locked in a vise grip. there’s just so much pressure in my head for 24 hours now. sleep is essential to this old person here. unfortunately i am one of those people who wake up easily. is a 12-hour sleep too much to ask? why am i still awake at this hour? 

insane, insane. 

enter the dragon year


ah, it’s the lunar new year once more. the time for tikoy, ang pao, and watching those lovely lion and dragon dances. and because for the nth time i cannot celebrate the lunar new year the way i hoped i would, i’d post a few of my favorite chinese songs instead. not exactly sure which song is in mandarin, cantonese or hokkien (except when indicated) as i don’t speak chinese, but i do love the melodies of these songs. 🙂

before hitting those play buttons on the videos, let me just say

gong xi fa cai!

kiong hee huat tsai!

kung hei fat choi!




memories (song)


this song is featured in the 1951 film i’ll see you in my dreams starring danny thomas and doris day. it is written in 1915 by gus kahn (whose life story is told in the film and was played by thomas), with the music by egbert van alstyne. by far this would be the oldest song i’ve ever listened to; the previous oldest song i’ve heard, if you were the only girl in the world, was published in 1916.

by the way, danny thomas and doris day were superb in their portrayal of gus kahn and grace leboy kahn. that’s all i can say. 🙂