we are four funny friends who go way, way back. in this blog we share our hopes and dreams, our laughter and fears, our joys and tears, and just about anything that captures our fancies and our hearts.

naks. 😉

we believe that it is in sabaw moments that profoundness occurs. well, at least most of the time. 🙂

the sabaw girls (not exactly in order with the pic ;))

missris24 – non-athletic, dreamer, aspiring photographer, needs a balance between solitude and time with family/close friends, wants to travel the world, believes in Jesus, collects quotes (check out my quotes blog at QuotationDepot.Blogspot.com)

misstranger – jill of all trades, mistress of some. walking bunch of contradictions.

sherrymoon – hopeless romantic, vain, gullible, autistic, nostalgic, oftentimes clueless …  will go with anyone who will feed her. =)

purplepoint – sabawdiaries’s resident political blogger;  timid but fierce when provoked (description by missris24)


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