I Miss “Got To Believe”


It has been a week since the TV series “Got to Believe” ended.

It was one of those shows that was light-hearted, funny, and loveable. One where after every episode, you catch yourself smiling.

I was meaning to write about it, but did not find the time. So here it is, though late, here are the reasons I found the series endearing.

1) The great cast. Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo are certainly getting better in acting, and they have this rare ability to be funny without much trying. Add to that their great chemistry. Supporting casts are all great especially Manilyn Reynes and Benjie Paras (who has great comedic timing). Up to the teens of Malaya University, the house helpers, Beverly Salviejo and the woman who played Ethel. It was like an orchestra where every role was well played.

2) Great director, writers, and crew. Of course a great cast is useless if the story was not good, so hats off to the writers. Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina, a blockbuster director, brought out the best in the cast and made sure every night had a kilig moment.

3) It had a fun family. The “perya” family was fun, and I think every person wanted that kind of bonded, fun, family. That is why Joaquin loved Chichay more, because of her fun, united family. And in many ways, Filipino families have so much laughter together that is why everyone can relate.

4) The setting was relatable. Joaquin came out of his shell when he went to university. Malaya University, the name itself represented freedom. University life for many was a time of self-discovery, of exploration, of falling in love.

5) Each character represented us or someone we knew.

  • Chichay is the girl who loves her family, who will fight for love, is passionate and expressive. Painting is her form of self-expression and she does it well. It is what she does best.
  • Joaquin is the lost boy with an unhappy family, sheltered. But once he got his chance to be free, he became courageous and was ready to stand for what is right and true.
  • Betchay was the girl who sacrificed a lot, gave it her all, but lost love. But because she was loveable and kind, she found true love again.
  • Chito represented a second chance at love, which was true and lasting. He was a great father, who kept a secret to protect his family.
  • Lolo Isko was the ideal grandfather, full of wisdom, a loving grandfather who made us all believe in magic.
  • Tatay Poro and Nanay Puring were the surrogate parents who taught Joaquin things his parents should have taught him, and loved him like he was their own son.
  • Juliana was the woman who felt unloved by his father, and was guilty of something (her brother’s accident and her accidental shooting of her son). Due to her guilt, she was unable to forgive herself and was also angry at others leading to so much hatred.
  • The Zaragosa family was the kind and rich folks who knew how to have fun and mingle with all kinds of people.
  • Dominic, Patricia, Pedro and Alex represented young, unrequited love.
  • The mean girls represented the gossipers around us.

6) It made us believe in love again. It made us remember how magical love is, that wounds heal, that love is good.

Like all those who watched the show, I hope there will be a Part 2 (or book 3), or even a movie.


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