a: don’t you hate it when people cut you off while you’re saying some—

b: oh hey look, it’s a crab! 


 more frustrating

a: as i was saying, sometimes i get the feeling that people get bored with the stories i tell them. i mean, really. what’s wrong in sharing that i’ve found some cool tiles for my new floor?

b: a, i heard there’s a weekend sale in robinson’s. we should go!


most frustrating

a: you know what? there’s someone i know who i thought i really knew, but then i found out that i didn’t really know that person really well and it just bums me out because i thought that we had a connection, i thought that i had finally found someone to talk to, who would listen to me as i have listened to countless of others tell me their sob stories but unfortunately that’s not the case because i realized that the person is not interested in what i have to say or needed to…

b: *staring dreamily into space*


b: sorry, what? 

sigh. oh well.


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