Winning is Bouncing Back


This year, I have been watching more sports events in television.  I was mostly rooting for the underdog.  Though the winners may not be my bet, I learned a valuable lesson through them, and that is: Winning is about bouncing back after you lost.

Image from CBS Sports
BASKETBALL – NBA 2012 Champions: The Miami Heat

I was really rooting for the Oklahoma Thunders because they were outstanding in the semis, as they beat previous champions like LA Lakers and San Antonio Spurs.  Players like Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook and James Harden played really well.

During the finals, the Thunders won Game 1 but the rest where won by the Miami Heat. Miami Heat also were contenders in the 2011 Championships but they lost to Dallas Mavericks. But they made sure, the 2012 crown would be theirs. Le Bron James particularly played well during the 2012 finals series.

image from BBC

SWIMMING – Michael Phelps

Mr. Phelps was the golden boy in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He had some drug issues after that, but good thing he got back in shape to compete again. In the 2012 London Olympics, all eyes were naturally on him. Though he disappointed himself and many by winning a silver in the 200-meter butterfly, he was able to redeem his glory, including his team by winning gold medals in the men’s 4×100 medley relay. In total, he won four gold and two silver medals in his last Olympics.

image from DailyMail UK

TENNIS – Roger Federer and Andy Murray

During the Wimbledon men’s finals, I was rooting for the underdog again, in the persona of Andy Murray. He really did his best to reach the finals, so as to make history for Brits (the last Brit to reach the Wimbledon men’s singles final was Bunny Austin in 1938). He wanted to make another history by winning it. However, Roger Federer was too strong an opponent. I saw how good Federer was, his serves were superb. I learned that for some time, he had not won the Wimbledon for two years (his last was 2009). But like the true champion that he is, he delivered again this time.

Andy Murray, for his part, got back on his feet for the Olympics. He again battled with Federer for the men’s tennis Olympic gold, and this time he won!

Sports brings us much stories of hope and truimph. As in sports, in life we should also bounce back from ashes of defeat, marching onwards to winning til the end!


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