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Today is Beautiful


Two inspiring pieces I got from SMS:


No matter how bad yesterday was, it now belongs to the past.

Don’t let it worry you, nor stop you from pursuing the many possibilities of today.

Today is a gift, you can unwrap and share with all, that’s why it’s called


Today – I will laugh and let my let my heart sing. Β For none of us knows what tomorrow may bring.

Today – I’ll be thankful that God is on my side. No need to worry. No need to hide.

Today – I’ll proclaim it. “His promises are true.” FAITH can move mountains and save countries, too.

Today – I will live it, as God would intend. Enjoying each Blessing from beginning to end.

Today – is not promised. It’s a gift from above. A gift that’s worth sharing! “A day filled with love!”


Face the present with a happy heart! πŸ™‚ ❀


enter the dragon year


ah, it’s the lunar new year once more. the time for tikoy, ang pao, and watching those lovely lion and dragon dances. and because for the nth time i cannot celebrate the lunar new year the way i hoped i would, i’d post a few of my favorite chinese songs instead. not exactly sure which song is in mandarin, cantonese or hokkien (except when indicated) as i don’t speak chinese, but i do love the melodies of these songs. πŸ™‚

before hitting those play buttons on the videos, let me just say

gong xi fa cai!

kiong hee huat tsai!

kung hei fat choi!




memories (song)


this song is featured in the 1951 film i’ll see you in my dreams starring danny thomas and doris day. it is written in 1915 by gus kahn (whose life story is told in the film and was played by thomas), with the music by egbert van alstyne. by far this would be the oldest song i’ve ever listened to; the previous oldest song i’ve heard, if you were the only girl in the world, was published in 1916.

by the way, danny thomas and doris day were superb in their portrayal of gus kahn and grace leboy kahn. that’s all i can say. πŸ™‚