Crab Mentality and Pinoys


Pinoys have many good traits – resourceful, family-oriented, cheerful and hospitable. But we have lots of bad traits too, and one of them that needs to really go is CRAB MENTALITY.  It’s keeping us from progressing because pulling others from progress would also mean not progressing yourself.

I admit I possessed this deadly virus before, especially as a student, where the environment was very competitive. But even then, I was more on the defensive side. I refused to share academic resources with a classmate of mine (who was a friend so Boo to the old me). Fortunately, I realized my mistake and with time and Divine Intervention, and with people who were supportive to my successes, I was able to let go of it.

I was also lucky that I have not encountered people from the workplace who had crab mentality.

I am saddened when I hear of people who are victims of jealous officemates, and I have heard that Filipinos bashing Filipinos is rampant abroad. So sad because Kababayans should be there to help each other.

What irks me most is that some game shows promote crab mentality! The latest format of Game KNB, before the show was axed on air, featured contestants on “towers'” and they had the powers to make their opponents move farther from the finish line by making them move backwards (Atras). I liked the previous format where there was a stair and as the steps got higher, the spaces would be less until only one reached the top.

Another new game on Philippine TV that promotes this crab mentality craziness is “Susi Ng Kapalaran” at a noontime TV show, where other contestants can steal the keys of other contestants. This would make some contestants emotional, some would say “Bakit yung akin, bakit di na lang yung sa kanya? (sabay turo sa ibang contestant)” (Why take my keys, why just not take his/her key – referring to another contestant).

These people join these contest because they are hard up for money. Can they at least have a fair chance of winning and not feel bad about being robbed (of keys)?


Another trait I strongly agree that Filipinos should possess is a Strong sense of urgency. Mr. David L. Balangue wrote an article about this on the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Follow the link below:

Wanted: A new Filipino! (Strong Sense of Urgency)


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