On Steve Jobs (from a non-Mac owner)


I got sad when I heard that Steve Jobs died.  I’m a fan, not necessarily of any Apple product but of the genius and innovation he embodied.

As the title of this post says, I am a non-Mac owner. But it doesn’t mean I do not appreciate Apple products, in fact I have used them, thanks to the companies and to the people who allowed me to take a dip in the world of Apple. I admired how user-friendly the products are.

I first saw a Mac back in the 1980s at a bookstore, the Mac was priced at about $800. Ever since I have longed to own an Apple product when they launched the cool iMac in the 1990s, the iBook then the MacBook, iPodTouch and iPad. The reasons were varied, but mostly coz I could not afford it but also in the early 2000, I was a Windows developer so I had to have a PC in order to study the latest trend in Windows programming.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 speech at Standford University was one of the most memorable speech ever. It talked about life, tracking back – connecting the dots, and searching for what you love. I am trying to follow this advice.

The one thing that makes me a fan too is because we share the same birthday (not birth year). Though for some it means nothing, but for me, that connection is enough for me to believe I can be great in my own way. And reading several articles about him after his death, I found some similarities between us, the detail-orientedness, the secrecy, the family-orientedness. What I admire is his discipline, his boldness, his commitment.

Simply said, Steve Jobs is a legend.


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