Life and Death


I cried buckets after watching the ending episode of Pure Love (49 Days) a Korean drama about a person who was given 49 Days to collect 3 pure teardrops so she can go back to her body. I actually watched this because of missstranger, who was part of the dubbing team for the Tagalog version.

For those who do not watch it, here’s an overview of the show. The main character, Diane (Ji Shin in the Korean version), met an accident and during this 49 days, she can use the body of another person, Isabel (Yi Shung), who is depressed after her boyfriend died.

Anyway, the ending was really unexpected. I saw a link on the internet and finished watching the remaining 4 episodes. Since each episode is about 3-5 episodes when shown in the Philippines, most likely the series will still run for 3-4 weeks.

I don’t want to reveal the ending, but it really reminded me of lessons I realized before, when someone close to me died. I was like Isabel for a while, feeling sad. But thankfully I had family and friends that helped me recover, and of course, God whom I clinged to.

Recently, I also read many articles about Steve Jobs. His famous speech at Stanford University back in 2005 speaks of his realization to live each like our last, because at the time he already found out about his cancer. I read an article that before he died, he met with people closest to him.

In a way, I think people who know have an idea when they will die might be lucky, as they can make use of time the best way they can, can say their goodbyes. It is same with other people who passed away whose books I have read, Morrie in Tuesdays with Morrie, and Randy Pausch who delivered his last lecture. But the truth is, we always have a choice on how to live life. The question is, are we living it well? Are we living it the best way we could?


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