life, oh life


so goes the song by des’ree. 

a lot has been happening in my life lately that i have lost the energy to blog. and even when i feel like writing, i’m at a loss lately as to what to write about. while talking to ris on the phone, she suggested i write about life. haha. and so here i am typing away trying to rack up anything pertaining to life. but life, what about it? well, since i am all about the weather lately as well as i get into the habit of looking at the sky whenever i can, i will talk about the sky instead. 😉

this kind of cloud cover was hovering all over the metro for some weeks now, no thanks to the last couple of typhoons that wreaked havoc not just here, but in the provinces also. now, i may have grown to like rainy days, but rainy days can take their toll on this sun person. yesterday was the last straw so imagine my pleasure at the surprise that greeted me when i woke up this morning:

blue, blue sky!!! just the sight of it is enough to bring a smile to my face. in fact, it even gave me a surge of energy to invite ris and sherrymoon for a jaunt to the tunnel, aka the park. but as the day wore on, the clouds threatened to hide (and actually succeeded at it) the blueness of the sky that we decided to postpone it for another day. 

and what do you know, just some minutes after ris and i hung up, the cool winds blew away the clouds into mere wisps. the sky is again as blue as it can be.




well dearie, that’s life for you. 😛



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