Expectant Faith


Life is so much harder when I move away from God. This past few weeks, my faith has not been strong, and I opt to keep quiet rather than praying. I personally felt that my prayer life has become monotonous, and I’ve been wallowed in fear and worry especially when things were not going my way.
Then someone texted me about “Expectant Faith”. It’s a faith that expects God’s grace, whenever, wherever.
I was like a person in the middle of a hanging bridge, not wanting to move. God calls my name, and urges me to come to Him on the other side, but I am so afraid. What I needed to do was just to trust God that He won’t allow me to fall as He has the bridge secured.
That how God is : He patiently waits until we are ready to make a step, then another.
I realized faith is not about things going my way, but expecting that whatever happens, God never changes, God never leaves, God is ever present. He is there to guide, He is there to love, He is there to give us what’s best.


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