The Butterfly


Ris’ Blog Entry:

It’s been raining for the last two days because of a typhoon.  Weather can change drastically in days, as just last week, it was sunny.

During that time, I took some pictures in my dad’s garden. It’s the usual – leaves, pots and flowers that I take pictures of, this time using the 50mm 1.8 lens I borrowed from my brother. I was surprised that out of nowhere came a small butterfly. I tried not to move much so as not to send it away. It flew a couple of times, and at one point it landed perfectly on a thin stalk with buds. I took many pictures to capture that moment and this one was one of the sharp shots.

Life takes us by surprise, by a sudden change of weather, people moving, jobs lost, economies crashing, some changes are drastic and some are small. But there’s a saying “Take time to smell the flowers” because who knows you might just find a butterfly in your midst, just like I did.


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