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The Butterfly


Ris’ Blog Entry:

It’s been raining for the last two days because of a typhoon.  Weather can change drastically in days, as just last week, it was sunny.

During that time, I took some pictures in my dad’s garden. It’s the usual – leaves, pots and flowers that I take pictures of, this time using the 50mm 1.8 lens I borrowed from my brother. I was surprised that out of nowhere came a small butterfly. I tried not to move much so as not to send it away. It flew a couple of times, and at one point it landed perfectly on a thin stalk with buds. I took many pictures to capture that moment and this one was one of the sharp shots.

Life takes us by surprise, by a sudden change of weather, people moving, jobs lost, economies crashing, some changes are drastic and some are small. But there’s a saying “Take time to smell the flowers” because who knows you might just find a butterfly in your midst, just like I did.


Trivia :)


You know those “clamshell” containers that McDonald’s uses for packaging their BigMacs? Well that was invented by the company owned by the father of John Huntsman, current US Ambassador to China. As such, his father is a billionaire (Newsweek, January 2011). 🙂



One of the stuff I wrote during my trying moments. You could say I’m the “emo” one among the group.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 1:01am

If you want to be happy, you have to fight for it. Stand up for it. Make every effort to get it. Nothing in life happens by just sitting under a tree while waiting for the apple to fall. No matter how much laziness or hopelessness seem to want to pull you under, fight it… the more you go out there, the more reasons you will have to smile, to learn, to grow. Be open to what others can teach you… you don’t have to accept everything, but take those that you think will be useful to you. Learn to look beyond yourself, look outside your pain.

Life really is a race. Survival of the fittest. If you show signs of weakness, people will take advantage. Kindness should be given in moderation. Be wary of those you trust, they are the ones who are most likely to hurt you the most. Pain is necessary for strength. My wounds may temporarily debilitate me, but they also become good reasons to defend myself.

Never assume that others are stronger than you. You can be stronger than them. I may have been a victim of my own insecurities once… but pain has brought out my pride. An eye for an eye… I’ve never been one to stay down for too long. I was in fact, surprised to find out that I was stronger than I thought I could be. I would never have realized if I wasn’t wounded in the first place. Of course I don’t claim credit for all the strength. I’m not that egoistic. God has been sustaining me all along.

Everyday is a struggle. Everyday is a battle… but like a battle scarred warrior, the longer the fight goes, the more resilient we get.

defying gravity


hi, people! misstranger here. i’m one of the four funny friends who own this blog and i go by different names when i feel like it. ;p this is my first post. 🙂

the song defying gravity from wicked the musical brings me back to 2008, a time when i was starting out on a new venture in life (read: new career). i’ve been at my new job for almost a year when i first heard this song (december ’08). been starting to have some realizations in life and upon hearing the song, i decided that i would try defying gravity myself from then on. 

my favourite line from the song is this:

so if you care to find me, look to the western sky!
as someone told me lately
everyone deserves the chance to fly!

yes, everyone does deserve a chance to fly, to shine in what they do best. 🙂

anyway, i won’t wax sentimental anymore. just hit play and enjoy!

Bible Verse


Romans 2:4 (NLT)
Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you? Does this mean nothing to you? Can’t you see that his kindness is intended to turn you from your sin?

– I just wanted to post this. I read this verse this evening and it is a great reminder from God about last Sunday when he displayed to me a great act of kindness. This to me is an admonition to keep in mind that whatever good deed and in whatever form God brings forth such, it is not intended to merely bless but to evoke repentance from the receiver of the blessing. To me this means checking my heart for things such as persistent sins in my life. His kindness then is there to draw me not just towards heavenly thanksgiving but to willful obedience. Not easy but He is around to back up any willing son or daughter of His!

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